Organic wheatgrass


Organic wheatgrasses contain the vitality of nature and are  energy boosters. The juice extracted from cereal grasses has been a remedy for mankind since time immemorial. Cereal grasses contain  essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and protein compounds, and are rich in fiber and chlorophyll.

For production of the different wheatgrass products, the young wheat leaves are harvested before the stalks form (at the peak of its nutritional and energy content) and immediately dried in a low-temperature process at 38°C (max.). Afterwards, the wheatgrass is further processed to powder and tablets. As is usual with natural products, there may be fluctuations in color, taste and nutrient content.

Portioned and packed, the organic wheatgrass is then available at specialty stores or directly from our Web shop. From the seeds to the packaging of the product, certification is meticulous according to EU-Eco-regulation 2092/91.

Organic wheatgrass powder dissolves immediately in lukewarm water, and can be enjoyed before or between meals. A teaspoon of powder stirred into apple juice, almond, soy or rice milk, tastes delicious. The powder can also be sprinkled over food as a „seasoning“, adding a spicy touch to the meal. Not used to the taste? Why not opt for the tablets, which are convenient for the office or travel.